This site contains the full script of my translation/adaptation of Iphigenia in Aulis,originally performed at La MaMa’s First Floor Theater in New York City, in February - March 2013.  

I am making the script available for free, although I do request that you pay for the rights, if you choose to perform it.  Also, if you enjoy the script and want to make a tax-deductible donation to Untitled Theater Company No. 61, my New York non-profit theater company, it would be much appreciated.

I made a semi-direct translation, then adapted the text. There are three versions of each chorus: One is a fairly direct translation.  One uses lyrics that I wrote as a substitute for the translation.  And one uses lyrics that were adapted by Aldo Perez to go with his rock music for the production.  Those choruses are copyrighted by him and should not be used without his permission.

You will also see occasional alternative lines for chorus members in the text.  In the actualy production, we decided to give the chorus a more consciously contemporary feel.  Either the more classic or contemporary versions are available for use.  The site color codes the script for clarity, as explained on the main script page.  Further information about the process is in the translation notes.  Thematic information can be found in my original Director’s Note.

The production was partly inspired by Eric Shanower’s Eisner Award-winning graphic novel, Age of Bronze, as you can tell from our production photographs.  Eric also did the poster image that you see, right.  I encourage you to read more about it on his website.

I hope you enjoy reading the play.

Edward Einhorn

© Edward Einhorn 2015